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Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Volleyball: Lloyd Vs. Grant County

Thursday, September 17th, Lloyd hosted Grant County High School for a volleyball game in what turned out to be, minus a few high notes, a rough night for the Lady Juggs.

The night started off for the Juggs with a convincing win for the JV team.

Varsity play started off well. Early in first set score was 8-9, Grant County leading, game remained very close for entire set.

Later in the set Juggs were up 20-19, seemed to be in control, but Grant crept back up in the end and won with a very controversial last call with the ball being returned by the Juggs going very high in the air and the referee saying it touched the ceiling after Grant County did not return it. Juggs lost first set 23-25.

In the second set the Juggs came out slow with the score being 3-11, Grant County, early. Juggs could just not get it going offensively tonight, very out of whack.

Later in set Grant County was still in control score being 8-20.

Despite a late rally of the girls playing well Grant County ended up winning 12-25.

Loss pushes a very good Lloyd team to an 8-8 record that really doesn’t show their talent and potential.

Girls look to rally from the loss with a game Monday against Ludlow, at Lloyd, who they lost to earlier in the season in the Ludlow Classic Tournament. Juggs are looking to push past .500 again.

Good luck to the ladies on Monday!

Go Juggs!